Change Manifesto

<p>Today through Friday, <a href="">an Alliance of Youth Movements Summit</a> is meeting at Columbia University Law School to launch a new global network called 501c3, to help train people around the world to use social media&mdash;from cell phones to digital video to Twitter and other tools&mdash;to fight violence and oppression. The Summit was inspired by the recent successes of One Million Voices Against <a href=" </a>&mdash;a Facebook group that used social networking and mobile technologies to organize 12 million people in 190 cities around the world to protest the FARC extremist group in Colombia.<br /><br />The Alliance of Youth Movements&mdash;being organized by <a href="">Howcast</a>,<br />&nbsp;Facebook, MTV, the U.S. Department of State, YouTube, Google, and <a href="">Access 360 Media</a> &mdash;has started crafting a field manual on how to affect social change using the Internet. The first draft of that field manual can be viewed <a href="">here</a>.<br /><br />The alliance is forming an online "hub" that will include online links to community organizing tips, a forum for sharing experiences, and instructional videos for organizing citizen action groups around the world. The Summit&mdash;which brings together leaders of 17 organizations from 15 countries, including <a href="">Save Darfur Coalition</a>,<br />&nbsp;One Million Voices Against FARC, <a href="">Genocide Intervention Network</a>,<br />&nbsp;and <a href="">Invisible Children</a> &mdash;will include panel talks entitled How to Use New Mobile Technologies and How to Preserve Group Safety and Security.<br /><br />Here are two of the videos that have been collected by the Alliance since Monday (as resources for helping cause-wired activists, first posted on Howcast within the last 48 hours. This one, entitled <a href=""... to Circumvent an Internet Proxy</a> is a four-minute tutorial on how to get around government censorship in order to get the word out about a social problem in a developing country.&nbsp; <a href=" one</a>, also posted on Howcast within the last 48 hours, is meant to teach people how to use social networking to organize for a cause. <br /><br />Watch this space for conference updates.<br /></p>