Chris Jordan Brings New Meaning to Responsible Travel

When making your responsible travel plans, be sure to include a trip to a museum featuring the art work of Chris Jordan. Art has driven societies to new states of awareness for centuries. Chris Jordan has crafted a special type of art work sure to emotionally impact any responsible travel plans. Through Chris Jordan’s unique artistic approach and environmental awareness, viewers will see the impact of human transgressions towards our earth in an unprecedented form.

Chris Jordan has created six different collections- E Pluribus Unum, Midway, Running the Numbers, Running the Numbers II, Intolerable Beauty, and In Katrina’s Wake. Each collection focuses on a different environmental and/ or social issue. While most of those who are well seasoned in responsible travel have seen countless pieces of art work about the environment, they are sure to be moved by Jordan’s special artistic voice.  The majority of artists use traditional mediums such as paint or pencil to illustrate their ideas. Chris Jordan uses the subject itself to make the viewer feel the impact of the subject on society.

Consider “Light Bulb” from the Running the Numbers collection. To illustrate the number of kilowatt hours we waste with the use of 320,000 light bulbs per minute, Jordan uses scale and repetition to show exactly what 320,000 light bulbs looks like. Responsible travel can’t get any more literal than this. We hear pedantic statistics about our environment almost any time we turn on the television. The statistics may cause a twinge of emotion for a fleeting moment, but they are often in one ear and out the other. Through his exhibits, Chris manages to force the viewer to truly understand the magnitude of the damage of our actions to this planet.

Another convicting piece is, “Cell Phones #2.” From the Intolerable Beauty collection, Chris Jordan brings America’s obsession with mass consumption to life by presenting a digital illustration of the hundreds and thousands of cell phones we throw away. Viewers can look closely to see once iconic cell phone models now discarded in what feels like an eerie cellular technology grave yard. In a country fixated on the latest and the greatest, where constantly upgrading and discarding are socially acceptable, we are forced to face our decisions through this piece of artwork.

When you incorporate a trip to one of Chris Jordan’s exhibits in your responsible travel plans, be prepared for an interactive and, sometimes, uncomfortable experience. Upon first glance, many patrons will recall fond memories of some of his subject matter. However, after they read the explanation behind the piece, the mood of the room will change abruptly. The reward in experiencing Chris Jordan’s artwork is awareness. These images are unforgettable. Once you see how our conscious and subconscious actions affect our environment, you are held to a higher standard. Chris Jordan eliminates ignorance as an excuse.

For more information about his artwork and where it can be seen, visit Chris Jordan’s website.

Photo Credit: poptech