CleanPowerPerks is Energizing the Clean Power Community

(3BL Media/Just Means) -Collaboration is coming to the renewable energy sector via the work of CleanPowerPerks.  Based out of Boston, CleanPowerPerks (CPP) is the Web-based loyalty program that rewards people and businesses for consciously choosing clean energy. CPP will act as a facilitator in unifying clean energy providers, consumers and businesses who already purchase clean energy. From large, franchised corporations to the small coffee shop next door, CPP  will connect the clean energy community. Founder Tess O’Brien started exploring CleanPowerPerks during her MBA in Sustainability program at Marlboro College Graduate School in response to wanting to see the industry grow.

"I started this company because I saw many missed opportunities in the industry due to a lack of collaboration. Instead of accepting competition as the status quo, what if we worked together, using one main resource to unify us? We all want to generate greater awareness about clean energy."

CleanPowerPerks will reward customers through incentives, such as discounts, coupons and special offers and businesses will draw more customers into their stores. CleanPowerPerks will even provide referrals to renewable energy providers with the hopes of increasing demand. And unlike other incentive programs, CPP will use a web-based platform to bring it all together. 

"There are roughly two million people who purchase clean energy in the United States, but these people don't know about one another. Through CleanPowerPerks, this community can stay current about advancements in clean energy, access a directory of businesses using it and even support legislation." 

O’Brien also wants to see CleanPowerPerks impact mainstream consumers.

"The clean energy industry has successfully acquired early adopters and people who want to choose clean energy for altruistic reasons. But we are having a hard time bridging the gap for people who need more incentives. Most people won't buy it for fuzzy feelings alone. We need to offer them tangible rewards."

The CleanPowerPerks beta website goes live today. While they aren’t yet serving customers, they have begun accepting member businesses and clean power provider partners in preparation for the official launch, coming later this year.

You can find more information by checking out their Facebook page and Twitter feed and their awesome infographic below.