Companies and Nations Defying Economic Downturn with Green Investments

Investors all over the world are making green investments to defy the current economic downturn. Investments are being ramped up in green infrastructure and clean technology projects by companies in order to reduce their carbon footprint and make their power hungry networks more energy efficient. Even though the financial crisis has caused major setback to companies, it is also being considered a great time for stimulating investments in social and environmental initiatives. Companies like Telco operators are making investments in order to upgrade their network with better 4G mobile technologies, fibre optic cables and voice over internet systems. They are trying to make green investment within the company and incorporate energy saving systems for business activities.

The green sector of China seems all set for another year of strong development in renewable energy and environment sector. It is notable that the Chinese green sector did not get affected by the current economic downturn. There was no shortage of capital which has encouraged more nations to make sustainable investment in these sectors. Support from the government has helped the clean energy sector flourish to a great extent. Recently, the Chinese government announced an economic stimulus package worth 585 billion dollars to ensure strong growth of these sectors. This stimulus has increased the government solicited bids all over China in support of environmental projects. This has attracted more investors as no signs of slowdown are visible in these sectors in the coming years.

Experts believe that China is providing a lucrative platform for green companies which will not only help the country earn profit but also enhance the environment. Investors are looking out for green stocks offered by companies that run a sustainable business. By adopting the concept of ‘sustainability’, companies are trying to attract more investors. This is not only giving them required funds for carrying out their business activities but also serving environmental concerns.