Companies Investing Green for Profits

Green is becoming good for an increasing number of investors; retirees and managers of invest funds. Billions of dollars are being poured in green companies and stocks for profits, more than the love for nature. Finance experts believe that even though investors across the world are directing money in companies that are promoting wind and solar power, recycled products or power automobile, getting lucrative returns is the main objective more than the fulfillment of social and environmental causes.

South Korea, one of the heavy emitters of carbon in the world will be developing strategies to attract strong investment in their green projects. Even though investment in clean energy sector will generate new jobs in the economy and help combat carbon footprint, South Korea’s attempt to cash in on the global demand for renewable energy cannot be denied. The fact that green stocks performed well even during the global financial crisis, the demand for sustainable investment has increased to a great extent. This has placed the clean energy sector on top of the list of green investment opportunities. Investors trying to make money are continuing to invest in this sector despite the financial crunch.

Based on studies it has been concluded that there is a net profit associated with reducing half the necessary cut in emission of green house gases. According to a similar study conducted by McKinsey, an international consulting firm, annual investing in sectors related to energy efficiency of approximately 170 billion dollars worldwide can yield profits worth 29 billion dollars. Whether the objective is profit making, environmental concern or both, some of the largest companies across the world are launching campaigns to encourage clean technology investment. Recently, the government of Serbia announced the construction of an aluminum recycling plant worth 150 million dollars. Once the project is complete the aluminum plant is being estimated to offer employment to 2500 people and reduce the electricity consumption of Serbia by 1 million kilowatt hours every year. In the coming years it will be interesting to see how companies manage to fulfill their environmental concerns along with profit making.