Creating a Better Agricultural System: Monsanto Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Monsanto Company has joined the membership of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as another important step in its efforts to promote a more sustainable agricultural system. Monsanto is offering the Business Ecosystems Training (BET) course of WBCSD for its employees across the world. The goal is to improve the awareness and understanding of employees with regard to the crucial linkage between ecosystems and business.

Peter Bakker, President, WBCSD, said: “In joining the WBCSD, Monsanto is taking an important step along a continuum towards developing a more sustainable agriculture system – one that improves our daily lives, respects our global environment and recognizes the importance of the world’s small-holder farmers. We must find new ways to protect soils, enhance ecosystems and optimize land use in ways that are environmentally sound. And we must move towards a future vision for agriculture where absolutes become as out of place as a one-size-fits-all approach to farming.”

Monsanto has been pressing ahead with its mission to find innovative solutions to producing more food within the sustainable limits of the world’s natural systems. The world population is expected to grow to nine billion people by 2050, which is bound to put significant pressure on the natural resources such as arable land, ecosystem services and water, with a growing demand for food. It will require innovative products and agricultural systems that are both more productive and more sustainable to meet the future challenges.

Jerry Steiner, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs at Monsanto, said:“At Monsanto, our company vision for sustainable agriculture strives to contribute to meeting the needs of the growing population, to protect and preserve natural resources, and to help improve lives. We are excited to join the WBCSD and connect with a global coalition of more than 200 companies that advocate for progress on sustainable development.”

Photo Credit: spekulator