​D​.light ​L​aunches ​A​ffordable ​S​olar ​Bundle ​I​n Nairobi

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - ​ Nairobi​ in​​ Kenya​ was the setting where​ d.light, a global solar kit maker, launched its off-grid solar syste​m​ X850. The launch took place yesterday (June 27) at the company’s headquarters in ​the African capital​ and is its first offering of a platform-based solar system for customers.

With the new system, customers can buy the basic home solar kit and then upgrade it without​ having​ to buy an entirely new system. This is particularly useful for people who live in remote, off-grid regions and cannot afford a power connection. The company says the system not only allows customers to light their homes and charge their phones, but also watch digital TV channels.

“Our customers will now dare to dream as the new product has the capacity to​​ power more than just the basic home appliances like bulbs and mobile phones,” said Sam Goldman, co-founder and chief product officer of d.light.

Following up on the launch, d.light will upgrade its entire solar lantern range in the next few weeks. ​The company wants to change the bad press that affordable solar energy appliances sometimes get for their limited application.

A standard X850 bundle comes with five lights, radio, torch, battery and a panel. It is upgradable to eight lights and TV, and, further down the line, also to other 12V appliances that can be powered by the bundle's three 12V ports.

“The X850 is not only innovative, but we have ensured that it is easy on the pocket, and comes with a world of accessories that may be obtained at the same price as what you're paying for kerosene today,” ​Goldman​ said.​

The company says its strategy has worked because ​of its various strategic partnerships. So far, d.light has impacted 75 million people and it plans on reaching 100 million by 2020.

In Africa, d.light has become closely associated with solar in various regions, particularly in Kenya where one third of off-grid households owns a d.light solar product, according to the company. Customers can pay in instalments with a PayGo model using several mobile payment options.

Image credit​: d.light