Easy Trip Planning for Responsible Travelers

Perhaps the biggest challenge to traveling sustainably is the research load required. Trip planning is exciting, but can be overwhelming for those who are already burnt out from working and looking forward to a care-free escape.

Online searches and word of mouth oftentimes do not stack up to what is actually happening once a traveler arrives at her destination.

Detour Destinations has taken much of the grunt work out of this aspect of trip planning through offering an online traveler marketplace, where buyers can search for local sustainable tour companies in Africa and South and Central America.

Detour does not allow any self-styled sustainable travel company to list themselves on their site. Instead, they only feature the leading companies in the sustainable travel field.

Each company is put through a rigorous screening process which ensures that local guides are used and the cultural and environmental highlights of the area are respected by the provider.

The company does not actually operate any of the trips it sells on its website, but instead uses firsthand knowledge to select the highest quality socially and environmentally responsible tour companies who run amazing trips and are committed to investing back in the communities the tourism affects.

The direct investment back into these communities ensures that local sites and cultures are preserved and ecosystems protected.

The company was founded by an adventure travel expert, and is run by a staff of nomadic adventure lovers-- many of whom have seen many of the places featured on the site.

Detour does site visits, interviews, and elicits feedback from its customers in order to screen out inferior providers.

The local providers all agree to sell their trips for the same price one would receive if booking locally. Many US or European based tour operators would charge significantly more than these local providers, making Detour a more accessible option for budget travelers.

Detour Destinations offers booking and information to a wide variety of trips including some of the most popular destinations in South America such as Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and Patagonia.

As the largest obstacle to the average traveler enjoying a vacation in a sustainable way is oftentimes the time investment necessary for seeking out an ideal provider, Detour Destinations provides a great resources for those who enjoy spending their time traveling sustainably rather than spending it overwhelmed by planning stress.

Photo Credit: Peru Travel