Econation Bringing Eco-Conscious Innovation to the Forefront

Everyday it seems many companies are trying to win accolades for their commitment to going green.  The question is a company truly genuine in its commitment to go green when it comes to transportation or is it simply engaging in green washing?  The company Econation is the real deal and based on its concrete commitments and demonstrated excellence when it comes to being a leader in the green sustainable transportation movement.  For example, Econation has been making investments in sustainable green transport and as a result "capped off a third consecutive year of high double digit growth by being the first alternative fuel and hybrid firm to win the industry's most prestigious award as LCT Magazine's '2011 Operator of the Year.'"

Econation's award for their commitment to alternative fuels is a significant achievement and is commendable.  In particular, the award is significant because it shows Econation's commitment to going green as the award was for "innovation, safety, and operational excellence" among chauffeured ground transportation firms."  As such, what this shows is that Econation's commitment to green innovative transportation is demonstrated and palpable at least among LCT Magazine.  Being innovative is clearly necessary to move forward in the 21st Century and requires companies like Econation to take the lead and showcase a sound fundamental business model dedicated to the green movement.

Econation, therefore, is at the forefront and can help move the U.S. as a whole from one of apathy and lack of commitment to green transportation to one of being a leader in such a movement through their continued example.  While the U.S. green alternative transportation is not totally there in terms of all companies making a commitment, the fact that Econation has done so is a good start.  The key to Econation's success lies in its overall philosophy which is one of "that in order to accelerate acceptance of alternative fuel transportation, a firm must not charge more for sustainable alternatives and must offer the same or better quality product or service level."

As such, the reason for Econation's 2011 Operator of the Year Award results in part from their deep commitment to providing quality sustainable transportation at a relatively affordable price.  If Econation can provide affordable sustainable transport, hopefully that sets off a chain reaction where many other companies can follow suit.  Right now, one of the greatest obstacles to sustainable green transport seems to be cost.  With Econation's commitment to green innovation, anything is possible in the field of sustainable transport if a business model is developed and executed for going green.

Photo Credit:  Meursault2004