Emailing your way to Success!

As you brand yourself and explore how others see you it's important to review all channels and venues for communication. Most professional careers rely on email communication as a primary mode of generating results. Some of the most basic include voicemail, email, resumes, and cover letters. Each of these in their own right provides an experience of who you are and what people can expect from you. As a Career Coach I assist clients in aligning each of these individual outreach tools to their advantage.

Email is a form of communication, which is timely, direct, and personal. Using it to your advantage allows you to show your best assets and places you in a certain light. I advise people to plan ahead and build a brand, which they want to be known for and carry that through everything, including their communication.

Take a moment and review now how effective your email relations are in regards to getting in front of and meeting people who can further your career path. The path of email communication involves filtering and focusing what email come to your attention, and making decisions about them. Do you want to keep them and respond, delete or forward them. Additionally, how might you reverse market the emails and as they come to you and instead of thinking they are trying to sell or give you something you turn it around and ask how you two both might support and contribute to one another. This is a form of collaborating with everything that comes into your life and engaging in a win win perspective. In my work with networking the career advise I provide is called the 3 foot rule, anything within that distance has the potential to move your career goals forward.

With regards to email it's important to create a consistent presence that gets noticed, and remembered. Speak in sentences that are short, convey one point and move the conversation and relationship forward. Your email also establishes a level of offer and contribution. Each email you send needs to be valuable and provide a reason to remain in touch with value. In this global age it becomes a primary form of communicating due to its accessibility, universal applicability and its results.