Experts Forecast How To Succeed In Future Food And Beverage Sector

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - The recent years have seen a major shift in people's relationship with food and drink, which have acquired a much more funcional role in​ our​ lives. ​Like in other sectors, data is key and the public want as much information as possible to make a purchasing decision.​ For that reason, the food and beverage industr​ies have to adapt to cater to new demands and needs, lest they could fall ​lag behind.

These new trends and patterns were a big topic at the recent WorldView event in New York City, where industry leaders gave attendees an overview of the current landscape and how industry should respond ​and adapt.

One of the key themes is transparency as customers want to know just what is in the product they buy, their provenance as well as social and environmental impact. This requires a massive shift in the value chain. Companies must provide all this information and really do what they say they are doing​ as customers are weary of greenwashing.

"In a post-greenwashing world, authenticity is key, but not always easy. However, brands with purpose who are able to successfully communicate that purpose to their consumers are proving the victors in an increasingly competitive market," writes Tod Christenson at the environmental consulting group Antea Group.

He also highlights the role social media can play in wreaking havoc with a company's reputation. "Social media can magnify any misstep in an instant, and where a business’s social license to operate is dependent on being perceived as a good steward and corporate citizen," he adds.

Incorporating sustainability into the very core of business, being customer-focused and forging new types of partnerships are all part of a new ethos for companies that want to thrive in a rapidly changing consumer world.

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Image credit: Antea