GE Launches Social Responsibility and Sustainability Website

conflict_minerals3-940x280General Electric has launched a website designed to communicate its socially responsible and sustainability efforts. Called GECitizenship, the website focuses on People, Planet and Economy.

“Citizenship is embedded in our business strategy and in our culture,” said Bob Corcoran, GE’s Vice President of Corporate Citizenship. “GE is rigorous and deliberate about addressing social, environmental and economic issues. Our new website is an open window on how citizenship works at GE.”

The website was designed for a range of audiences, from the company’s own employees to the CSR community, socially responsible investors, NGOs, and others interested in the issues of health, education, the environment, community building, human rights and rule of law.

The website has a really clean and user-friendly interface, and it should prove a valuable resource for anyone interested in the topics it covers, as well as for information on GE’s actions. Some of the highlights include an article called "Sustainability: A Technological Challenge," which addresses the role of technology in addressing sustainability issues; Developing Health Globally, a GE’s program designed to increase access to healthcare for people living in vulnerable conditions; and GE’s Approach to Conflict Minerals, which offers an overview of this human rights issue affecting lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Recently we reported that Thomson Reuters had launched a website called Sustainability. Several other institutions have taken similar steps to communicate and promote social responsibility and positive environmental practices. These include the UN, which has launched its Sustainable Knowledge Development Platform, and Boston University, which has launched Sustainability@BU.

Image credit: GE Citizenship