Go Green With Eco-friendly Cosmetics

One of the leading industries is of course cosmetics and beauty products.  Even amidst our go green times it may seem like a sad reality that as a society we are so vain as to regard plastic surgeons, skin gurus promising to inject us here, there, and everywhere to make us look decades younger, and be on the never ending quest for the fountain of youth that is present in the form of a skin cream bottle as the second coming of the 'chosen one' (for whichever religion or belief system you prefer); it is true that at least on some level the vast majority is helping to support this industry.  I'm not saying that cosmetics or the desire to look the best that you can is a bad thing or a fault, yet I do believe that it has been blown out of proportion in some regards when people are dying because of complications during their butt injections or implant surgeries gone awry, that is neither here nor there for this post.  What I do want to point out is that if you are looking to be a more ethical consumer and support more eco-friendly cosmetics there are options available and here are a few key aspects you need to be on the look out for.

I think that it is nearly common knowledge that the cosmetic industry has been linked with less than ethical practices in regards to animal testing, who hasn't heard a few jokes in that regards or seen a few PETA ads pertaining to just this topic.  This is very real and sadly while things have improved it kind of goes in line with other shady practices that businesses would rather keep off of their advertisements (think child labor and the like), you want to make sure that your cosmetics boast either a PETA Cruelty-Fee logo or something similar.  Today it isn't necessary for testing to still be done on animals (it never was, but now there is no excuse with improved technologies and readily available alternatives) and more importantly it is not ethical consumerism or in line with a go green attitude.  You can also find a list of companies that abstain from testing their products on animals at www.caringconsumer.com.

Another thing you should be aware of is that what you are putting on your face and onto your body is in essence going into your body.  The skin in very porous, but also your first line of defense against toxins or elements outside that should stay out; if you are putting on cosmetics that contain things that are bad for you, like petroleum derivatives, you could be poisoning yourself.  Some of these toxic agents are being linked with cancer and that, my friend is not the picnic you want to be attending.  So when you are looking for eco-friendly cosmetics scroll down the list of ingredients and if you can't pronounce it you may want to pass.  And even if you do know the words, if they are sulfur, aluminum, lead, or carbon you still want to opt for an alternative.  There are growing numbers of organic skin care lines that use instead of these harsh chemicals other minerals and even beeswax which are safe for you.

It comes down to being an informed consumer that is willing to do a little background checking on your particular lines (you can go to the list on Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database here: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/splash.php?URI=%2Findex.php) and then reading the ingredients on your cosmetics of choice.  And of course you want to keep in mind that to go green in terms of the packaging of your beauty products: less is more.  Even better you want to see if that packaging material is recyclable so that it isn't then leading to the Island of Lost Plastics floating in our oceans.  You can be a green cosmetic user and feel good about what you are putting onto your face; as for those butt injections however, you're on your own and go at your own risk!

Photo credit: hello_bonnie on Flickr