Going Green for Saint Patrick's Day

A number of floats at numerous Saint Patrick Day parades aimed to highlight the growing problem of climate change and environmental sustainability. The festival is the biggest in the world and apart from celebrating Irish heritage and all things Irish, many parade participants and organizers are now using the event to highlight environmental politics.
The festival is now celebrated in most major cities throughout out the world from Dublin to New York, from Montreal to Shanghai to Moscow and has become an increasingly popular festival that has captured the imagination of organizers, participants and onlookers. All are looking to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day regardless of their nationality or culture.

The stereotypical Saint Patrick’s Day conjures up images of heavy drinking, excessive partying, fighting, green beer and Irish dancing, but these are outdated clichés that are no longer relevant when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day and the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Across the world, many floats and participants in various parades have promoted changes in global warming policy. Many of the festivals have been built around the idea of sustainability and eco friendly materials and were used by the majority of parade organizers and participants in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint that the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade inevitably causes.

In Dublin, various floats with themes ranging from recycling, to water to climate change will be paraded, with the support of the organizers and environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth and ECO-UNESCO. The participants and creators behind this will hope that this will highlight the growing problem of global warming and climate change that is starting to have an impact throughout the world.

More and more politicians, celebrities and participants are going green for Saint Patrick’s Day. In San Francisco, Mayor Lee arrived to last year’s parade in a Ford Fusion Hybrid, having come from a tree planting event to emphasize his commitment to reducing San Francisco and the United States carbon footprint, which contributes to global warming and climate change. Similarly, in New York, members of the successful recycle, reuse and repurpose campaign marched in the parade to promote and highlight sustainability and recycling.

This year, many organizations and environmental groups further promoted green living for Saint Patrick’s Day. The event, which is promoted and broadcast throughout the world is significant in promoting awareness among people and highlighting the issues surrounding climate change, global warming, sustainability and the environment. Even celebrations as far flung as Shanghai in China and Perth in Australia have used the occasion to highlight and promote awareness on important environmental issues.
From what was once a festival to celebrate all things Irish and Saint Patrick, it is now a global phenomenon that significantly contributes to helping and promoting environmental friendly policies. When it comes to a greener future, perhaps Irish eyes are smiling after all.

Photo credit: Gage