Green living App to spark popularity in electric cars

Soon part of your green living plan may be scheduling in when to recharge your electric car. Such may be the case if you are one taking advantage of the teaming up of Ford and Microsoft to initiate the revamping of Microsoft Hohm which is already a home energy monitoring system aimed at curtailing energy consumption in the house and appliances there. This latest installment will be available as an App which will facilitate not only single vehicle chargings but those of greater regions by helping owners plan their energy usage and avoid a potential overload as more and more hybrid and electric cars replace standard gas models.

A major point of concern regarding electric vehicles is how and when to get them charged; yet that should not stop green living consumers from investing in a more sustainable mode of transportation. This is echoed by both major corporations, “Ford and Microsoft both believe that electric vehicles will be the driving force around how people think about energy usage and energy conservation,” explained Steve Ballmer as a Microsoft CEO. In facilitating the reliance of getting around to electric modes this could be instrumental in the efforts because a new factor will be forethought and planning before hitting the road as points out the director of Ford global electrification Nancy Gioa, “Customers are going to have to start planning in a way that they have never done before: When should I charge? Where is there a charging station? What’s the rate—is this a good time?” This app will do that; and more.

Users can access Hohm from not only any wireless device but also a monitor located inside of the car; from there the specific amount of electrical consumption of the vehicle will be factored into peak times and rates in the area. Not only that but people can also find out when best to recharge given a certain driving route; Hohm will also supply the most efficient way to get to the destination. Because the updated Hohm will still be capable of home monitoring it will also be possible to link the two and enable a person out on the road to control what appliances are left running at home. While this green living app won’t have a compatible car out until the 2011 Ford Focus one may want to start planning; and if a Ford is not what one may have in mind for their ideal car of choice it has been announced that the manufacturer will be in negotiations with their competitors.

It turns out that the electric company may have their own reasons to spread the word on this green living app because as a Microsoft general manager touts, “The information will flow two ways. Usage patterns are going to be critical to ensure we have a sustainable energy grid.”

Photo credit: David Megginson