Growth of Social Enterprises in India

Change starts with ideas. And when ideas become reality, they transform life – this is the motto on which Rural Innovation Network, a social enterprise in India works. This enterprise has been dedicated towards improving the living standard of rural population in India.  Rural Innovation Network believes that environmental concerns are well understood by the rural people and several opportunities can be created out of it. The problem lies in the fact that these opportunities cannot be turned into a reality by the poor people as they don’t have the access to infrastructure, skills and capital for reaching the market.

Villgro by Rural Innovations Network is driven by the dreams of wealthy rural population in India. It includes a process that is imaginative, systematic as well as scientific. Villgro runs various core programs to fulfill its objective. The Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Program is aimed at mentoring ideas and seed funding so that the rural people can also reach the markets with their business ideas. It is run in collaboration with Villgro and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India and Lemelson Foundation funds this program. Samrudhhi is another program that works toward enhancing the last mile linkages to ensure prosperity at the village level. Through this program, accessible innovations will be made to rural farmers by Villgro in few cities of Tamil Nadu, India. In an attempt to increase reach in remote rural areas; this enterprise has also collaborated with institutions that have a rural presence across India. It believes that there are several rural innovations that can be commercialized as successful micro enterprises. These enterprises will not only be beneficial for the rural consumers but it will also help in the creation of sustainable wealth. Villgro has been striving to establish this model in an attempt to transform ideas into reality and encourage rural population with skills and infrastructure to help them make a living.

Villgro has been striving hard to use innovations in order to transform rural lives. Since it started in 2001, approximately 1500 innovations have been activated and more than 13 lac rural lives have been transformed.