How Are Social Enterprises Changing the World?

The prospect of making money yet making a difference can be very appealing. The failure of private sector in addressing serious social and environmental issues has led to the emergence of non-profit organizations, commonly referred to as social enterprises. Money can’t be considered the sole requirement to combat such issues; however, it certainly plays an important role in the implementation of solutions. Social enterprises also make profit but unlike the private sector, the profit is reinvested for the upliftment of communities.

Social enterprises all across the globe have been involved in changing the world. From creating employment opportunities to reduce poverty to providing affordable education to children from all walks of life, one can’t deny the importance of social enterprises in an economy. When it comes to the access of affordable education, Aspire Public Schools has been playing an important role in the US. This non-profit organization is involved in the establishment and operation of quality charter schools all over California. Charter schools are free from any education bureaucracy and regulations applied by the state. In turn, the school is responsible for fiscal solvency and student achievements. This organization has been working hard towards the reinforcement of the possibility that every child can go to college.

The main aim of Aspire Public Schools is to provide college going opportunity to kids who might never have the chance to study further. Efforts are being made to transform the public school system of America so that more kids can complete their college education. This non-profit organization is working on a district, state as well as national level to seek a broader impact. It is trying to bring change in selected areas by influencing schools at the district level. Effective collaboration with charter organizations is being established so that more high performing public schools can be created at the state level.

Organizations like these are bringing positive changes within the society; however, it will be interesting to see whether or not the objective of Aspire Public Schools to produce more than 1200 graduates per year is fulfilled.