How Green Are Your Green Products?

There are thousands of consumers across the world claiming to have joined the sustainable and ethical bandwagon by purchasing eco-friendly products. From potato chips fried in organic cooking oil to cars that don’t pollute, companies are bombarding us with products labeled as ‘ethical’ every other day. It is great to know that business organizations are also embracing the concept of ethical consumption; however, one can’t help but wonder if the products claiming to be green are really green?

With consumers demanding eco-friendly products, manufacturers are trying to turn ‘green’ in order to cash in on the current market conditions. But not everything marketed with an eco-spin is good for our planet. Sadly, a large number of companies claiming to be green and eco-friendly are misleading the consumers. You may have spent extra bucks on buying green products but it may not be as eco- friendly as you thought.

So what are consumers to do? Do we need to go through the corporate record of each and every company we choose for buying products? Experts believe that instead of spending time on research, consumers can consider few guidelines so that they end up buying products that will make a difference to the planet. Currently, labels for ‘non-toxic’ or ‘natural’ are not regulated and companies can use them for their products. Therefore, we can look for products that are labeled as ‘recycled’ or ‘organic’ because these labels are provided to companies only when the federal government verifies it. Sometimes reading the ingredients of a product will also help consumers know whether or not the said ingredients have been used in it. Don’t go for the packaging with soft and clean designs. It might have been used to mislead you. There are chances that if a claim made by a product is too good to be true, it probably is. In case the required information is not present on the label, look for it on the company’s website. Look for some trustworthy certifications on products and buy in bulk to reduce individual packaging. After all wouldn’t you like to spend money on something that helps you and your environment instead of money making companies?