ING Stretches Earth Day to Week-Long Celebration

Yesterday, 192 nations – plus Google – celebrated Earth Day, a date inaugurated in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to raise awareness about the need to preserve our planet. The truth is, every day is Earth Day and to make the celebrations last longer personal finance company ING U.S. has launched a week-long campaign that kicked off last Friday and will continue until the coming Friday.

All through this week, ING U.S. employees are participating in a wide range of activities, including sustainable transportation surveys, energy pledges, photo contests, brown-bag learning sessions, lights-out hours, planting, cleanups and recycling collections.

“Our focus on environmental sustainability requires a corporate commitment as well as cultural integration that includes continuous improvement, awareness and, most importantly, action. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for employees to participate and learn about preserving the environment,” said Rhonda Mims, president of the ING Foundation and head of the ING U.S. Office of Corporate Responsibility. “As part of that process, we recognize Earth Day with a week’s worth of earth-friendly events so our employees learn about using less and recycling more, not just on April 22, but every day.”

Among the activities planned for this is a Garden Volunteer Activity, which will be held in association with Take Your Kids to Work Day and Chester County Food Bank. It will take place on Thursday in West Chester (PA), where the company has implemented onsite composting programs to divert over 70% of waste from landfills.

The company has also installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its sites in Atlanta, West Chester and Scottsdale. It says those efforts have resulted in reductions of energy use (31%), paper consumption (59%), landfill waste (57%), and water use (18%).

Image credit: ING