It’s Not Too Late for a Fall Foliage Vacation in the West

Some stunning locations for a fall foliage vacation were highlighted earlier this week. The only problem is that all of the suggestions were for the east coast. While the east coast does gain a lot of recognition for its natural aesthetic around this time of the year, the west coast offers a number of picturesque natural scenes as well. Consider a pilgrimage to one of these west coast wonders for fall foliage that is sure to delight.

Aspen, Colorado is a world renowned ski town and supplies endless vacation activities. Its high-end ski resorts attract the rich and the famous every winter. The slopes are exhilarating, but the fall foliage is breath- taking. Golden hues delivered by miles of aspen trees create a landscape rich in natural beauty. In order to catch the beautiful seasonal transformation, be sure to schedule your vacation for mid to late September. The golden and vibrant orange hues are worth the trip, but they only last for a brief amount of time. While in Aspen, be sure to stop by Hotel J’s Garden Terrace restaurant. This local favorite provides a fine dining experience using locally grown products, delivering some of the best organic and sustainably produced meals Aspen has to offer. Enjoying the onset of fall in Aspen is a great way to spend a fall vacation.

The state of Oregon is a natural oasis year round. Every season brings exciting adventures for tourists, and fall is no exception. Nature can be experienced on every level along the Columbia River Gorge. Whether you like to observe nature from the comforts of your hybrid or prefer to become one with nature, a trip to the Columbia River Gorge will satisfy your needs. For the hybrid traveler, begin your vacation with a scenic drive along the Columbia River on Interstate 84. Such a drive allows you to see the beautiful hues of fall foliage covering mountain tops and hillsides. This breath-taking view will also be accompanied by glimpses wildlife. A vacation for the more adventurous traveler to the Columbia River Gorge includes no limit on outdoor activities. Kayaking, canoeing, and hiking are tourist favorites in this well- preserved region. No sustainable trip is complete without a visit to one of the many restaurants supported by Gorge Grown Food Network. This community created and operated organization strives to keep the Columbia River Gorge food supply sustainable in every way. Gorge Grown Food Network will be hosting its 3rd Annual Feast on the Farm. Much like farmside dining around the country, farmers will showcase their finest produce cooked by chefs around the community. Fall cannot start more pleasantly than with delicious meals served on the backdrop of beautiful foliage.

Fall foliage- seeking vacations need not be limited to the east coast. The western portions of the country are just as colorful and inviting.

Photo Credit: msn678