JustGreen Reaches New Carbon Offset Milestone

JustGreen has announced it has purchased two billion pounds of carbon emissions through its renewable and offset programs. The amount corresponds to removing around 190,000 cars off the road and planting approximately 4.5 million trees.

To mark the milestone, JustGreen Lifestyle is his carrying out a Facebook campaign to offset even more harmful GHG. The goal is to reach 10,000 pounds with every new like. Once the goal is reached, it will be doubled and 20,000 pounds of emissions will be offset by investing in a renewable energy type such as wind or solar. That equals to planting 45 more trees.

“Fans win by learning more about offsetting pollution and the chance to win great prizes and our planet also benefits with more pollution being neutralized. It all about community working together,” says GP Manalac, JustGreen Executive. There are several actions we can engage in to reduce our emissions, JustGreen says. These include washing with cold water, buying energy efficient appliances, carpooling, reducing consumption, recycling and installing energy efficient windows, doors and furnaces, to name but a few

Carbon offsets gives the public an opportunity to eliminate emissions citizens wouldn't be able to on their own. These include schemes that support green energy programs that help reduce emissions and environmental degradation. It’s a practical way to subtract from the environmental impact that results from our lifestyles.

Image credit: JustGreen