Justmeans Test Kitchen

In the world of Web 2.0 it is easy to lose sight of the succulent, the juicy, the tangible. As green initiatives increasingly rely on reactive measures, such as offsets, it is easy to lose sight of what I am proposing is the easiest, sexiest way to be green: through the food we put directly into our stomachs on a daily basis.

Driving a Prius is not sexy, making your co-workers sweat in your fifth floor midtown Manhattan office because you insist on turning off the AC is not sexy. However, becoming intimately aware of where your food comes from and how this impacts greater local and global good for our world’s producers, our environment and our health accomplishes these same means with Justice that is not only enormously effective but hedonistically satisfying.

As I embark on these blogging adventures with you, I encourage your brash, your unadulterated, and your heated, vehement comments in response to what no doubt will be a passionate piece embedded with obnoxious, stubborn and often controversial opinions about the state of food. I will tell you how and why I still eat steak, (despite bovine flatulence wreaking havoc on our ecosystem), introduce you to the major debacles in the food world as well as grassroots initiatives that are implementing change from the bottom up and engage you in a conversation that should be taking place at our tables and long after the meal is finished.