Leonardo Creates Shared Business Value through Sustainability and Innovation

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The COP21 Agreement in Paris and the conclusions of the COP22 in Marrakesh clearly indicated the degree of awareness reached in relation to the average global temperature increase. The global business community is now increasingly inclined to develop less carbon intensive business development strategies in order to support the fight against climate change.

Leonardo, formerly known as Finmeccanica, is leading from the front by committing to a responsible business conduct in aerospace, defense and security. Leonardo’s recently released Sustainability and Innovation Report 2016 shows the progress of the company in its new approach based on a strategy that integrates even more effectively business and sustainability.

Updated Materiality Matrix

According to the report, Leonardo started a new sustainability path in 2016 for a more effective integration of the ESG issues into business strategies to support industrial processes. The updating of materiality matrix is the first step of this path. As part of this process, management evaluated the materiality of the various issues highlighted by the multi-dimensional analysis of the external environment, identifying the areas to be integrated with the Industrial Plan.

Sustainability Governance

In order to complete the revision of the sustainability strategy, Leonardo established new controls, throughout the organization, adapting the best governance practices to its organizational model. In September 2016, the Board of Directors assigned sustainability and corporate governance responsibilities to a Board Committee. The company has also set up a Sustainability Council, pursuing its path towards excellence in responsible business conduct.

Human Rights Protection

Leonardo is committed to protecting the universally recognized rights concerning personal and professional life and environmental protection. In 2016, with the issue of the Supplier Code of Conduct, Leonardo extended the protection of human rights and the principles of responsible business conduct also to its supply chain.

Diversity and Inclusion

Leonardo DRS’s myDIVERSITY program aims at increasing the opportunities for inclusion for all forms of diversity that characterize the company population. The focus is on gender, ethnic and generational diversities. The first actions implemented after the setting up of the Diversity Council related to training sessions for managers (Managerial Training on Unconscious Bias) and specific initiatives to raise employees’ awareness.

Sustainable Innovation

With respect to materials, over the past few years, composites have been increasingly used in commercial programs thanks to the possibility of significantly reducing the weight of the aircraft. Leonardo Aerostructures Division is a partner of Boeing in the 787 program producing approximately 14 percent of the aerostructure in carbon fibre.

Leonardo and Boeing have developed and integrated the one-piece-barrel technology in the production of aircraft fuselage, where fuselage sections are produced as single pieces, reducing the number of parts and assembly times as well as the related costs by 15-20 percent.

Source: Leonardo