Let your PC be your guide-to green living that is.

Using your computer and other technical gadgets to facilitate green living has proven to be mighty powerful. Outside of the fact that energy consumption from all of these appliances play a major role in terms of home energy consumption and having refined technology there, such as more efficient models, alone cuts one’s carbon footprint drastically, there is still more power wrapped up in that PC. Today’s tech market and businesses have already started to create a sustainable revolution in their sector but for the individual benefits for the planet could be met in surprising ways.

For example the huge hit that is Zipcar works on the basis that one can virtually rent out a car over the internet on their computer, or phone too for that matter. This sort of borrowing autos has meant that for every single car that is loaned via Zipcar some 20 vehicles are taken out of the equation. That not only reduces the carbon emissions but the amount of traffic on already busy streets; making things run smoother thanks to yet another form of public transportation and a friend of green living. In keeping in the realm of cars there are further computer programs that are able to allow the driver to control when they would like to charge their electric cars and then how to best do it. This is the case with the teaming up of Microsoft and Ford and another instance of cross business collaboration in efforts to become more sustainable.

Other green living devices that have been proven to make major cuts in home energy consumption are energy monitors that keep tabs on usage and even allow users to program in limits, target goals, and automatically switch off devices according to the time of day. Yet what may be the most powerful of all green living tools is knowledge and there is perhaps no more ideal platform for that than over the internet. Thanks to progress in keeping the public informed as to which businesses and products are most eco-friendly there are growing number of labels; while it may not be down to a perfect science yet there are those lobbying for tighter regulations and interesting advancements already on the way. For example the senior vice president of sustainability covering all Wal-Mart stores shares, “We are hoping to develop a tool to allow consumers to make better decisions and be better informed so they’re making purchase decisions based on more than just price. That’s the vision.” Of course what that may manifest into has yet to be determined, but already one can find cruelty-free and organic labels.

Green living encompasses virtually every aspect of these fast paced times and being that we are as a society ones that are perpetually connected, why not use that as a springboard for furthering sustainability?

Photo credit: Captain Giona