LGBT Couples Get Help With Tax Laws

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - The National LGBT Bar Association, BNY Mellon and White & Case LLP have launched a pioneering Online LGBT Tax Resource to help same-sex couples and their tax advisors navigate state tax laws. The resource is a unique tool for both tax preparers and payers, providing a comprehensive, state-by-state list of reporting regulations for LGBT couples and can be accessed on this website ​.​ ​The website provides an array of useful information in clear and concise language and will be updated quarterly with any new developments impacting tax laws for LGBT couples.

The service was launched in response to the recent Supreme Court’s decision invalidating the federal ​​Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), meaning couples are now eligible to file married federal returns. However, in 33 states same-sex couples ​still ​cannot file joint state returns. The objective is to help couples deal with the complexity of tax laws, especially in ​those 33 ​states​, ​and ensure families are equipped with the most up-to-date tax information for their home state.

“The end of the federal Defense of Marriage Act was a giant step forward for couples, but state laws continue to legally discriminate against many families,” said D’Arcy Kemnitz, executive director of The LGBT Bar. “The Online LGBT Tax Resource unveiled today will ensure couples can maximize state tax laws, and the repeal of DOMA, as they navigate what is often a very confusing area for LGBT families. The Resource is designed to ensure they, and their tax preparers and attorneys, have reliable, trust-worthy information.”

​The issue of gay marriage has gained momentum as lower courts ​strike down gay marriage bans in the wake of a federal court's decision last June to grant federal recognition to same-sex marriages. The issue has generated controversy as Mozilla CEO Brenda Eich resigned from his position after being outed for donating $1,000 to Prop. 8, anti-gay marriage campaign, during his tenure as the company's CTO.

Image credit: LGBT Bar