Living green and celebrating Earth Mama – Take your Earth Day party to the streets

For anyone who has yet to hear about it, the celebration of living green, embracing our Mother Earth, and doing our part to clean up our own acts is fast approaching. Earth Day is the 22nd of April and even though like many other holidays it encompasses habits and actions that we should be mindful of all year round (the season of giving would ideally last longer than only the couple of weeks in when children are goaded into behaving well for the fear that St. Nick will withhold their presents and leave them only with coal!) but we take the opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of preserving our natural habitats, seeking out renewable resources, conserving energy, and of course recycling. This Earth Day is also special in that it is the 40th anniversary of the holiday and with this comes a myriad of events that are happening both on the 22nd and the following weekend.

The spirit of living green has spread across the globe and there are festivals and clean up efforts in all the far reaches; whether it be a hugely organized and promoted one or one that is as fly by the seat of your pants as a couple of neighbors deciding to go on litter patrol at their local park, all of them are just as important as they not only show the willingness to save our planet but any efforts are infections and generally spur others to join in. Still, if you are looking to lend your hands with the masses and you are living in the United States you can jump in on one of the EPA’s National Earth Day Celebrations that have a host of activities for the whole family which include an interactive look at your carbon footprint and how to reduce it by living green in The Carbon Wheel of Fortune, demonstrations on water conservation, and plenty of other scientific expos centering around chemical reactions. The goal of course is to not only trick them into learning but to foster an appreciation for our world and then instill in them the desire to protect what is green. There will be a huge fete in Washington, DC but because thinking eco-friendly is not limited to one city block there are then multiple like minded events in other cities and you can find the one nearest you online at the EPA website:

Still, as previously noted living green doesn’t only last one day and really is more of a lifestyle. To then tie into this theme there is the EPA’s ‘Pick 5 for the Environment’ pledge where you can choose to go online and state your own promise to the earth in selecting five things you will take accountability for. This is much like what I pointed out a few posts back in thinking of going green as a journey in which you continually take ‘baby steps;’ it can seem overwhelming at times when you think just how much our various habits adversely affect the planet but by choosing smaller, more manageable goals and then adding to them over time you will be moving forward and more likely to stay on the green path. So no matter if you plan to head out to one of these larger Earth Day Celebrations, join in a more local one set up by your community, or take to pledging things you can do in line with living green; I hope that while you do is take this day as a reminder that it is something that should be parlayed into the rest of the year and all of those for the future. Be sure to check out all the editorial sections for our special Earth Day theme and how it ties into each relevant topic…you may even be so moved as to break out into the special Earth Day Song (I’ll let you see if you can find out just where that one is!)!

Photo credit: Cait Chock Designs