Manage Change while Accomplishing

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Being socially responsible in this day in age involves riding the wave of sufficiency and partnering with change. At times we get into a phase of over creation or manic action in order to attract new work or our next work. By the sheer force of action laced with fear or stress we can mask and even distract ourselves from the real challenge at hand, which is partnership and cooperation with change. When we realize that change is simply an outer reflection of an inner process we are closer to our employment opportunity.

As you have heard stated before, the only thing that is constant is change. When we begin to realize that and engage from that perspective in our job search we are more in harmony and cooperation with the actions, leads, and resources that come to our attention. When we don’t, we generate ineffectiveness increased resistance and loss of momentum. Let me share with you some specific actions you can take to move from a place of ineffectiveness to results.

The first distinction and shift that is necessary for expansion and success is to take a longer view. Most people are much too focused on what is in front of them and loose sight of the big picture. When you look beyond this next letter, a no or rejection, the phone conversation and piece of advise or feedback you are able to take all perspectives in without becoming overly critical or discouraged. Change is meant to bring us closer and closer to our truth and our deep inner resilience.

The second main point in managing your career is to identify your core values, which drive your decisions and actions. Please see my previous blog on values. By knowing this you are given an opportunity to make decisions and focus on creating a foundation that allows you to weather any change. The main reason why change is so upsetting and challenging is that we don’t have structure or a foundation (based on our values) that allow us to see the long view and accept change.

The third and final point is that we aren’t trained or focused on looking for the gift or blessing in change. We instead approach change as a problematic occurrence that has to be dealt with verses an opportunity to grow and learn and become more successful. I encourage my clients to view change as an adventure and opportunity to test out new theories, stretch their capacities and stay present and alive with what gives them most passion.