Mars, Statoil, Unilever, Southwestern Energy to Announce Green Actions at Climate Summit

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – At the UN Climate Summit this week in New York City, which will include the U.S. President Barack Obama and over a hundred other world leaders, much of the focus is likely to be on the role of global companies in meeting the climate change challenges. Policymakers around the world are keen to hear the voice of business and see clear commitment and actions on the reduction of their carbon footprint.

The President of the World Wildlife Fund in Washington, Carter Roberts, said that a slew of pro-environment corporate commitments are expected at the summit. According to him, the leadership and initiative being shown by the companies on this occasion has been remarkable. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that the goal is to curb the greenhouse gas emissions so that the average global temperatures do not rise beyond 2 degrees Celsius.

During the summit, specific pledges from companies will be discussed at a session that will include executives from global corporations such as McDonald’s Corp, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Siemens AG and Air France-KLM. Candy-maker Mars, Inc. will sign a pledge along with other companies to transition to full renewable power for its manufacturing facilities and offices by 2040. The company is looking at ways to involve more people into its pro-environmental thinking.

Unilever NV, Swiss Re., and other companies, will endorse a carbon tax, and Statoil ASA, Southwestern Energy Co. and four other oil and gas producers will pledge to plug methane gas leaks and make reductions in their methane emissions. Some of the corporate leaders view reductions in their carbon footprint actually as an economic necessity or a business opportunity. More than 150 companies around the world already use a system of estimated carbon pricing in order to determine more sustainable long-term investments for their business. This number has grown up from 100 just within a year.

Source: Bloomberg

Image Credit: Flickr via pranav