Methane to Cause More Global Warming than CO2

Climate change experts are of view that the role of methane gas in causing global warming is being underestimated. Based on studies it has been found that other than carbon dioxide, chemical interactions between other greenhouse gases can trigger the rate at which global warming is causing havoc on the environment.

More underground methane will be released when permafrost in the Arctic regions will start melting due to the rise in temperature. This in turn will speed up global warming as the earth’s heat radiation will be trapped efficiently 20 times more than CO2. Experts are predicting that methane present under the ocean is already escaping in the sea floor through vents at an alarming rate. This fast as well as gradual release of methane is being associated with climate change of the past and future. There has been a significant rise in the world temperature in the last few years. The climate warmed at an average of 1.3 degree Fahrenheit from 1906 to 2005 as a result of greenhouse gas emission from large as well as small companies.

There is no doubt that carbon dioxide is one of the most hazardous greenhouse gases being emitted by factories but methane produced by industries, landfills and agriculture is being considered as dangerous as CO2. In the last three centuries, levels of greenhouse gas have increased drastically due to deforestation, human activities and burning of fossil fuels. The global average temperature rises very fast as greenhouse gases are transparent to sunlight but tend to retain heat in the atmosphere. According to climate change experts, policy makers need to come up with regulations in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in developing countries and rich nations need to provide them financial help in order to make it possible.

Did you know that approximately 750,000 air quality related deaths are reported annually in China? In December this year, representatives from more than 192 countries will attend climate change conference in Copenhagen in order to reach an international agreement on controlling the emission of harmful gases. What is the end result will be something to watch out for!