Modavanti: One Stop Shopping for Ethical Fashionistas

(3BL Media, Just Means) - Fair trade. Organic. Recycled. Hand Made. Made in the USA. Energy Efficient. Vegan. Vintage. If any one of these words describes your shopping bent (or the bent of a hard-to-buy for loved one), procrastinate no longer. Your one- stop shop for ethical, holiday gifts is just a few clicks away.

Modavanti prides themselves as being'the destination for the new generation of socially conscious consumers who are looking to find stylish and sustainable fashion that fits our values without compromising on quality or design.'  Categorized through a series of 'badges' like fair trade, made in the USA and energy efficient, consumers can shop according to their personal convictions. For example, when I clicked on the fair trade badge, an online, fair trade store with high end products from numerous fair trade stores popped up. I had never heard of many of the companies before, and may not have found them on a blind Internet search. Modavanti does the searching for high quality, ethically produced fashion for us.

According to their framework for sustainability, Modavanti partners only with companies who uphold the environment, community and not only profit, but also progress: their definition of the triple bottom line. Partnering companies must comply with all local sourcing, labor and production standards. Additionally, host companies make a commitment to contextualized environmental preservation such as using only chemical-free dyes and using only a minimal amount of material.  And, Modavanti sticks to their word: "Designers found to have caused egregious pollution in the manufacturing of their products - such as the use of harmful dyes, dumping of chemical materials or sewage into rivers and landfills - will not be allowed to remain on our site."

As if it wasn't enough to offer a comprehensive shopping experience for ethical fashionistas, Modavanti decided to respond to the 'fast fashion' industry by creating an upcycled or 'Modacycle' program.  Shoppers are encouraged to mail old jeans, dresses and tops to Modavanti who will in turn give them to fashion designers to create something new. The best part:  in return for your old stuff, you'll receive $20 or up to $40 per month in Modavanti credit. I'd say that's a win-win for the earth, your closet and your wallet. 

To celebrate the holidays, Modavanti is hosting "12 Days of Giving." Today, on the Tenth Day of Giving, shoppers receive 10% off of all items listed in the vegan badge in celebration of animal rights. Follow along on their website to see how they will give back to people, the planet and progress tomorrow.

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