More Green Travel Suggestions For Visiting Copenhagen

Most green travel enthusiasts are well aware of the superior green living standards of Copenhagen. This city was the host of the last G8 Summit which sought to create legislation to improve the environment from a political level. Advancements in political awareness are important, but more important is that we take individual responsibility for our environments, and largely, residents of Copenhagen are doing their part. Consider patronizing one of the following companies on your next trip to one of the “greenest” places on earth.

Whenever we think of green travel, seldom do we think of shopping. Copenhagen offers some of the world’s best green shopping. In response to a more environmentally conscious society, Copenhagen offers a plethora of shops that specialize in carrying eco-friendly products as well as providing eco-friendly services. From fashion boutiques to hair salons, tourists will be able to enjoy their usual products and services while protecting the environment from the use of harsh chemicals. Be sure to check out Aniel. This boutique is loved by the locals and tourists alike. Aniel sells eye-catching organic clothing for the entire family. Aniel is just one of the many shopping opportunities offered in Copenhagen.

Ice skating is a favorite pastime around the world. Copenhagen hosts this recreational sport with a green thumb- artificial ice. If your travel plans take you to Copenhagen during the winter months, including Lindevangs Parken is mandatory. At Lindevangs Parken, the outdoor ice skating rink is operated without the help of electricity and water. Renting a pair of skates is simple and there is no entrance fee. Ice skating is a great way to have fun for any age group, and doing so in an environmentally conscious way makes it an even more rewarding experience. For more information, visit one of Copenhagen's leading tourist websites.

Another fun outdoor activity to include on your next trip to Copenhagen is to visit the Tivoli Gardens. The Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s most popular tourist attractions. While the park has been operating since 1843, Copenhagen has taken measurable steps to make this park more environmentally conscious since 1996. The park is now illuminated with mood-setting LED light bulbs and has solar powered energy in various parts of the park. The Tivoli Gardens provide green spaces for family picnics, amusement park rides and musical attractions. Plan to spend at least half a day at the Tivoli Gardens. This popular tourist attraction will bring fun for everyone.

Green travel is almost effortless when it comes to visiting Copenhagen. Since their society has taken proactive initiative to live a green lifestyle, providing great green tourism possibilities is purely icing on the cake. Patronize the green establishments who are trying to make green living expand beyond boarders.

Photo Credit: Stig Nygaard