My 2011 Technology Predictions

As we ring in 2011 around the world here are my predictions for our digital and technology world... Listening - Is going to be key especially for businesses on-line. We have all become experts at self broadcasting, but have forgotten the art of listening properly and intently. In 2010 companies caught on that on-line marketing is not about talking at its audiences. Instead it is about engaging and having good conversations, and technology is going to teach us that to have a good conversation we will need to be able to listen. Listening will become a commodity; companies will be paying for ‘online ears’ to hear what customers are saying about their brand to help with further recommendations and to turn bad customer experiences into positives. Brands will need someone to own the customer experience in all those external and internal channels!

Mobile and Smart phones – This technology will eclipse PC sales in 2012, which means we will need to start thinking about our mobile marketing program now. It will be natural for Facebook to ask us if it can extend its advertising on to our mobiles, which means Ecommerce will hit Facebook and Facebook has already started to do this in 2010, as many of us have already included our mobile numbers on our profile. Moreover, our mobiles will become our bank, credit card and ATM all in the palm of our hand.

Facebook Advertising – staying with Facebook and advertising, these two will continue to improve and get more expensive. After nine years of Search Engine Marketing, I think it is safe to say any keyword you are going to buy is maxed out when it comes to the Google AdWords auction process. So, business will be looking for an alternative and that’s Facebook Advertising.

Vlogging/videos – We will start to see more video diaries and business viral videos. This will be a natural progression for social media and technology. It will be the next chapter of storytelling and engaging people. Twitter and other sites will encourage us to upload more...this will also enhance the social and community spirit.

Social – We will expect the same social media experience we have on Facebook and Twitter on other websites. The online community will be craving the social and the global, wanting to connect. Our Klout scores will continue to be important. Buzzwords will be Social Capital, Social Commerce and wrapped in all this will be our ‘personal online brand’ and recognise we all need one independently of where we work.  

Gaming - Continues - the gamification of other sectors, especially education.

Rise of the Digital Coach –Companies will need digitally fluent marketers who can apply technology to help make marketing more measurable and scientific. Then we can really change the dynamic from marketing as a cost centre to marketing as a profit centre!

Oh and we will create more serendipity in our lives through our online randomness!

Photo Credit: mira d'oubliette