New Artega SE Set to Help Those with a Need for Electric Speed

Electric sports cars seem to be something of a novelty when compared to the amount of people who will probably be buying them. Still, since there has always been a market for people who desire speed and power in their automobiles there is no reason why that cannot be delivered with electricity. The latest contender in the electric sports car arena has been getting some press as of late and many are saying that it could be a prime contender for the Tesla Roadster.

On the outside, the Artega SE looks like a fairly normal sports car with its sleek lines and flashy colors. However, the SE designation given to the vehicle by Artega, a German automobile manufacturer, quickly identifies it as a Sports Electric. According to Artega, the SE utilizes two electric engines that run off the combined power of sixteen water-cooled lithium ion battery modules that are distributed from the front to the back in order to ensure a weight balance. With the battery system in place, Artega says that the SE has a maximum range of nearly 124 to 186 miles per hour depending on the driving conditions and can be charged easily from a home electric outlet.

Though some may be skeptical still about the power electricity can provide, Artega believes that the SE’s performance is top notch. According to the company, the Artega SE boasts the equivalent of 380 horsepower and a top speed of around 155 miles per hour. They have also said that the SE will be capable of going from zero to sixty two miles per hour in 4.3 seconds which, Artega says, is actually slightly faster than the zero to sixty figures for the gasoline model the SE is based on.

The Artega SE is slated for release sometime this year and will cost an interested buyer roughly $212,500. Artega has said that they will be able to produce roughly 500 Artega SE’s annually, meaning there should be enough for interested buyers while still keeping them somewhat exclusive.

Photo Credit: Patrick