Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Festival

If you've ever dreamed of powering your home or business from solar or wind energy, here's an opportunity to learn how to make your dream a reality!

The Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Festival offers:

- Workshops presented by experts from across the US
- Demonstrations of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies
- Products to help you save money and energy, protect the environment
- Sustainable agriculture education

This year, the festival runs September 17, 18 & 19, and costs just $12.00 a person to enter. Most lectures, exhibitors, and demos are included with the entry fee. The Festival takes place at the Kempton Community Center, 82 Community Drive, Kempton, PA 19529 (just west of Allentown and just north of Reading, PA.)

Among the workshops and demonstrations will be the following:

How to solar heat a house and water inexpensively using a low-mass isolated-gain sunspace (it's made with argon-inflated polycarbonate film double-glazed wall panels, a corrugated polycarbonate roof, and some 2-watt motorized dampers).

How to estimate costs, savings, environmental benefits, REC income and financial payment for residential solar electric systems, using MAREA's free online calculator. There's a 2010 federal tax credit for installing these systems, and states like Pennsylvania offer additional rebates, grants, and tax benefits.

What does a homeowner need to know before purchasing and installing a solar electric system? How do solar electric systems work? How much of your electricity bill can they eliminate? Will solar electric work on your property? What will it cost? and more.

The basics of domestic hot water solar system and what to expect from one.

Wind Power for the home, including the alternatives now available, net metering, hybrid wind and solar systems, and how to choose the best site for your home wind-powered electrical generator.

Best Practices for residential solar installations, an overview of the emerging trends.

Low-impact Hydroelectric Power - micro-hydro has not gotten enough attention, but it can be an important component in U.S. energy generation. Learn about the importance of site assessment in determining the success of any hydroelectric installation.

How Nuclear Power is Not a Solution to Climate Change - you probably don't know this, but the nuclear fuel cycle contributes to global warming, and nuclear power is the most expensive, most environmentally damaging form of energy now in use.

Create a Culture of Conservation - introduction to the emerging field of conservation psychology: how we can tap into fundamental human needs and motivations to promote sustainability.

What Kind of World Are You Buying? - the real story behind all the stuff you "consume".

Tap Water Vs. Bottled Water - why tap water is the safer, environmentally friendly choice when compared with bottled water. (MAREA does not sell any bottled water at the festival both for environmental reasons and the fact that access to drinking water is a basic human right.)

Eat Your Lawn - explore the history of lawns in America; the surprisingly high energy input/environmental costs of maintaining a manicured lawn, and a variety of alternative, easy to care for and edible plantings that can replace the traditional lawn.

And all this is just ... please pardon the expression ... a taste.

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Photo credit: Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Festival