Powerful green products: Vinegar packs a punch and replaces toxic household cleaners

There has been much headway in the area of green products so that you are now able to replace bathroom cleaners, detergents, stain removers, and the like around the home that are filled with toxins and chemicals that are not only detrimental to the environment but also harmful to your health. With an ever expanding market for these eco-friendly cleaning products there are of course brands and companies making this niche their sole focus, and thankfully the costs of such green products are nearly that of the cleaners from the past. Still, there are in fact plenty of little recipes that include items you probably already have around that you can then use to make your own cleaning concoctions that will also help reduce your carbon footprint. The last post gave you a few ideas but one item in particular warrants an article all its own.

For those who may not have already known this, vinegar is in fact one mighty weapon against not only everyday dirt and grime but it works on your carpets, tiles, and even weeds infiltrating your garden! Mixing one part vinegar with three parts warm water will yield you an excellent everyday cleanser but if you want to instead make those glass windows shine you will dilute the solution to two teaspoons of white vinegar to then one liter of warm water. If you are looking to clean stainless steel in your kitchen, or any other appliance for that matter (hopefully you’ve updated them to be energy efficient green products!), you can take a soft cloth and put some vinegar directly on it; then buff out the steel.

Taking your vinegar to the bathroom to combat toilet bowls and tub rings you will want to combine one cup of vinegar with ¼ cup of baking soda. Once you have mixed them thoroughly you will apply this to the area and allow it to settle there for a couple of minutes before you start to scrub. If it is a noxious smell that is wafting out of that toilet you can actually get rid of that stink by pouring in three cups of white distilled vinegar and allow it to sit for thirty minutes. You can deodorize your fridge for two days at a time with the aid of apple vinegar by leaving an amount of one cup in an open drinking glass and leaving it inside of there; you can then refresh it when it’s lost its potency.

Finally, there are green products you can buy to get rid of weeds and even pests around your house without harmful chemicals but you can opt for vinegar instead and use it straight. For the garden simply putting vinegar in spray bottles will be enough when they are applied onto those pesky weeds. Yet if you are met with an invasion of ants you can deter them from your kitchen by wiping the counters, cupboards, and floors with some white distilled vinegar. And so you see, when it comes to the wonderful world of green products to clean your home there really is no reason you should have to resort to a product that is only going to pollute the air quality in your home on top of wrecking havoc on the environment. So here is our ode to vinegar!

Photo credit: Andy Rob