Projects Abroad Offers Global Service Programs For High School Students

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - One of the first things that Prince William discovered he had in common with Kate Middleton when they first met was that they had both been on expeditions to Chile to volunteer before they started university. It had been Prince Charles’ idea for William to volunteer abroad to experience  young people from a mixture of countries and backgrounds, for the chance to explore, face major challenges and do some good. It is an activity that is en vogue. Each summer, international volunteer organisation Projects Abroad sends hundreds of teenagers abroad to participate in the popular High School Specials, which are group service trips that have been specifically designed for teenagers to participate in worthwhile voluntary work for two or four weeks over the summer.

Projects Abroad has over 50 High School Special programs available in over 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Teenagers get involved in all sorts of projects that range from environmental conservation, to public health campaigns, child and animal care, human rights initiatives and more. The organisation sees an increasing number of teens wanting to volunteer abroad and its High School Special programs aims to channel this energy into ways for young volunteers to benefit both its host communities abroad and themselves through service work and cultural exchange.

Through the experience teens return more mature and globally aware, sharing their positive outlook with friends and family once back home. Each High School Special follows a schedule of taught sessions and practical and observational service work. Volunteers also enjoy evening activities and weekend excursions, giving them the opportunity to get to know volunteers their own age from different countries and cultures. The structure is ideal for first-time travellers eager to broaden their horizons.

This year, Project Abroad has introduced new dates for its immensely popular, Medicine in Ghana, where volunteers have the opportunity to enhance their medical knowledge by observing qualified medical staff in hospitals and clinics, and gain some practical experience by working on a community outreach program. Under the guidance of doctors or nurses, volunteers can get involved in dressing wounds, carrying out health checks, giving malaria tests, and making presentations on common health issues. Plus the organisation has also launched two new High School Special projects: Public Health in Tanzania and Care and Panda Protection in China.

The volunteer initiative in Tanzania supports rural communities by conducting basic health checks, leading educational health campaigns and helping doctors diagnose, and treat patients. For many people in Tanzania, medical treatment is extremely limited. Care and Panda in China allows volunteers to experience the rapidly changing world of China and devote their time to care for children and work with endangered species. Project Abroad is one of the largest volunteer organisations globally, sending 10,000 young people abroad each year to make a big difference.

Photo Credit: Projects Abroad