Responsible Non-Teaching Career Choices in Education

Many college and graduate students believe that their only career choices in education they have are (1) to apply to Teach For America (TFA) or (2) to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in order to qualify for teaching jobs at public schools.  But with the 2010 TFA admission rate of 17%, and the massive layoffs of teachers we saw earlier this year, the outlook for career choices in education might seem quite bleak.

Fortunately, there are many more career choices that will enable you to make a difference in the US Education System.  As 'Waiting For Superman' highlights, the K-12 education system in the US desperately needs committed professionals in and outside the classroom to make sure that the next generation in the US will be able to successfully compete for opportunities in the 21st Century marketplace.

As highlighted in a previous post earlier this year, the range of career choices in education includes marketing and fundraising, operations, and teaching opportunities.  Let's review some of the recent career choices in the education industry that were recently posted on our Justmeans Job Board:

Career Choices in Marketing and Fundraising:

Analyst for Development Research, Oberlin College (Ohio, OH) - Would you like to design and implement research projects that contribute to identify and leverage top-tier donor prospects and key volunteers for Oberlin College's Division of Development and Alumni Affairs?

Development Director, Project PAVE (Denver, CO) - This senior position will enable you to develop and oversee the overall fundraising strategy for a nonprofit dedicated to stopping the generational cycle of relationship violence through prevention, education, and early intervention.

Career Choices in Operations:

Program Officer, Lumina Foundation for Education (Indianapolis, IN) - Would you like to collaborate with a cross functional team dedicated to increasing the percentage of Americans with high-quality degrees and credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025?

Recruitment Manager, Harlem Village Academies (New York City, NY) -  Would you like to leverage your project management and marketing skills to hire the best possible teachers to further scale the outstanding results of the Harlem Village Academies?

Career Choices in Teaching:

Environmental Educator, Nature's Classroom (Northeastern US) - Would you like to facilitate a 5-day curriculum for an organization that manages 14 centers dedicated to educating 5-8 graders, along with their school teachers, about their connectedness to each other and to the world around them?

Semester Program Lead Build Instructor, Yestermorrow Design Build School (Warren, VT) - Would you like to help students design and implement a construction project based on sustainability principles during the 2011 Fall Semester?

The deeply rooted inertia that the US education reform is facing will remain a challenge for the foreseeable future.  However, I hope that by exploring the job listings above, you now realize that there are plenty of opportunities for emerging and established educators to have a positive impact by pursuing a career in education (in the classroom or beyond).  What other types of career choices do you think are available to those who want to contribute to the US education reform?

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