Road Trip: Perennial Plate Goes National

The Perennial Plate, an online series of documentary shorts featuring local eating and exploration based out of Minnesota announced that they will be taking the series national.

Chef Daniel Klein and his vegetarian cameraman Mirra Fine explored the culinary landscape of the state for a year through cooking, picking, slaughtering, and eating local foods.

Perennial Plate is planning a quintessentially American road trip, where they will document local foods and the farm to table process from around the country. They need your help to make it happen.

Klein and Fine are looking for stories and tips from around the country as they plan the national version of their weekly series.

Launched in February 2010, the Perennial Plate has grown considerably with a strong following from the sustainable food world.

Klein tackles topics as varied as squirrel hunting, community gardening, wild winter teas, and road kill.

For the second season, the pair will use social networking applications to allow the viewership to guide them. Viewers will send in stories, suggestions, and vote on future destinations. They will visit farms, restaurants, and homes to cook and share the stories of the sustainable food movement.

In addition to posting weekly videos on the journey, they will blog regularly on some of the ethical conundrums involved in eating sustainably. Fine will offer a vegetarian perspective on what is oftentimes a very bloody show.

Season 2 is slated to begin on May 9.