September 23: Be Inspi(RED) to be Good with Social Media

reds-backgroundSo where will you be next Thursday, September 23, 2010? It’s been declared Social Good Day and here is your chance to do your good deed of the day. After all, if you’re open to celebrating “nurses-doctors-gossip, hair shampoo, paper-cup day” or the likes of these which us Americans love to rejoice in, this might appear somewhat cerebral or even helpful.

There is word that Mashable and (RED) (Thanks to Bono and GAP, we know what it is all about) are inviting you to join the social media for social good movement by taking part in Social Good Day on September 23. It’s officially United Nations week and during this period, Mashable and 92Y will host the Social Good Summit in partnership with the UN Foundation and host the UN Week Digital Media Lounge.

They are asking us followers of social media networks to get involved, and they’ve gotten together with their friends at (RED), whom as well all know are working for a great cause. I always remember World AIDS Day which falls on December 1 as it is also the birthday of a close friend of mine and to me that is an important date that needs to be on our calendar.

Vadim Lavrusik provides some facts to consider and more information can be found at:

•    Thirty-three million people in the world have AIDS. Twenty-two million live in Africa.
•    Every day 3,800 people die in sub-Saharan Africa from AIDS.
•    It costs just 40 cents per day for the life-saving medicine someone living with HIV/AIDS in Africa needs to help them live a healthy and productive life.

(RED) is working to eliminate AIDS in Africa and together with Mashable are invite you to “attend or organize a meetup in your community to celebrate, share, educate and engage in a discussion on how social media can be used to tackle some of the world’s social challenges and issues.”

“Whatever community you’ll be participating in we want to know: What’s your solution?” Let the world hear your ideas through social media,”
writes Vadim Lavrusik and here are some ideas presented by him:

On, How To Join #SocialGood Day

•    Sign up to attend or organize your own Social Good Day meetup on September 23 on Mashable’s Meetup Everywhere page.
•    Tweet about what your solution is using the #socialgood hashtag. We’d love to hear your solutions @mashable & @joinred. (RED) will host a stream of tweets including the hashtag on its website.
•    Write a blog post and share it.
•    Post to Facebook about what you or your company is doing.
•    Record a video about your solution and upload it to YouTube (YouTube) with the #socialgood tag
•    Join (RED) on Facebook and Twitter to share your ideas on how to help fight AIDS in Africa using social media.
•    Get inspired by watching the 30-minute Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs documentary The Lazarus Effect on YouTube. Presented by (RED) and HBO, the film follows the story of HIV-positive people in Africa who undergo a remarkable transformation in as few as 40 days thanks to access to treatment.

With, suggestions of Things To Discuss

•    What solutions are you coming up with to address some of the world challenges, such as the UN’s Millennium Development Goals list, like fighting AIDS in Africa?
•    What’s the most effective channel to spread awareness and generate money for causes: Twitter? Facebook? YouTube?
•    How can you use geolocation apps like Foursquare (Foursquare) and Gowalla (Gowalla) for causes?
•    What social causes are getting it right and why?
•    How would you use social media to spread awareness about (RED)’s efforts to help eliminate AIDS in Africa?

I would add that just because there are other problems at the forefront such as news of terrorism, corrupt politicians, xenophobia, and climactic disasters doesn’t mean that we forget. There are grievances, which we have been numbed to due to the fact that they appear to be problems of the past or affect human beings elsewhere. The beauty of social media is that we can be closer even though we’re far apart.

So what good can my Justmeans friends add to the above and how should we contribute to the cause? Let's talk more!