Social Innovation:Creating Gardens of Change

Create Change Now is a social innovation campaign and is a Las Vegas not-for-profit organisation that is changing the way families eat by educating and empowering children to make healthier food choices that are nutritious and delicious. Statistics show that one in three children in the U.S. is considered overweight, while research by shows that Nevada has the 11th highest percentage of overweight and obese children in America. Create A Change Now is helping children plant edible gardens in schools and has enlisted some of the finest chefs in Las Vegas to help improve their cooking and eating habits.

The lack of access to proper nutrition is one reason why many children in the States are not eating the recommended levels of fruits and vegetables. Hunger in children in the U.S. is widespread. A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report showed that in 2008, an estimated 49.1 million people, including 16.7 million children, lived in households that experienced food insecurity multiple times throughout the year. Too often, these same school age children are not eating the recommended level of fruits and vegetables; only two per cent of American children eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Create Change Now is a social innovation project that firmly believes in the power of gardens as a brilliant introduction to real, healthy foods that children and families should be able to eat. It sees gardens as the simplest way to help turn this problem around and provide a better and healthier diet. Moreover, with nearly 80% of Americans living in cities and suburbs, it is important that people still understand the values of natural processes and what is involved in growing fruit and vegetables. This organisation wants to change the way that families in Las Vegas eat by educating and inspiring children to make healthy food choices. It is committed to helping children understand the importance of healthy eating through hands-on experience in the garden.

Through this campaign the public can help a community reap all the benefits a garden has to offer through donations and with the money received, Create Change Now will not only teach the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, but also show people easy and delicious ways to prepare the food they have grown, providing recipes to ensure that these healthy foods can become a permanent part of their lifestyle. Learning creative cooking like this is one of the best ways to revive the tradition of the wholesome and delicious home-cooked meals.

When families eat and cook together, they eat healthier and have a greater appreciation for how their food is grown, raised and prepared. Plus, evidence shows that children do better in school. The chef's who are part of this social innovation campaign are strongly encouraging families to permanently adopt a new way of eating so that they live healthy and happy lives.

Photo Credit: Create Change Now website