Social Media Twitter King Stephen Fry Publishes His Latest Book With An App

Britain’s much loved Twitter king, Stephen Fry, actor, author and Apple’s most famous ‘ifan’ leads the way with social media as he with Penguin Books publishes his latest autobiography, The Fry Chronicles as an eBook, a hardback novel and an iPhone app! It’s a first for the industry using cutting-edge technology. Fry who is a self-proclaimed ‘twillionaire’, said in his recent blog post, "Oh my lordy lordy LORD. I have known these two weeks were coming, but it’s still a shock that they’re here already. As you might know from my #shamelesswhoring on Twitter, I have a book out this week."

The book, is about Fry’s life from his time at university to his first experiences of acting and is available in traditional hardback format for £20, while the eBook costs £12.99 and the app, ‘myFry’ designed for Apples’ iPhone, iPod touch and iPad costs £7.99. Jeremy Ettinghausen, digital publisher at Penguin, said, “We wanted to produce a unique digital publication for his book and we’ve created the perfect format for dipping in and out of and exploring books in a more playful way. Every word of The Fry Chronicles is in the myFry app, but the design and technology have allowed us to create an experience that would not be possible in print, and discover a new way to present an author’s work.” The eBook version of Fry’s novel is available on a various different social media platforms; Amazon’s Kindle eBook store and the iBookstore. The enhanced electronic version of The Fry Chronicles includes eight videos featuring Fry discussing the events in the book, as well as additional photos.

The myFry app allows people to read the autobiography in full, but presents the book in a new and exciting way, presenting readers with a unique and personal social media experience, as it allows readers to read sections of The Fry Chronicles in any order using a colour-coded index. This ‘random’ and flexible approach is an innovative move to reading, giving readers the power to create their own personal approach to the story; in some ways creating their own story within a story. The myFry app goes that step further and takes the reader that step further, as instead of doing the usual and the expected like reproducing the printed book on a touch-screen, it instead offers a wonderful visual encounter that encourages readers to discover and interact with Fry’s story in original and unexpected way. It is an unusual interactive way of consuming a book.

So, leaving you with this as my last literary social media word for publishing is going to be huge, and what we are seeing with Fry’s book and myFry app is just the beginning. At this year's London Book Fair in the spring, the Digital Zone was bigger than ever and the iPad was the major talking point, with large publishers like Penguin and HarperCollins backing it to drive and dominate e-book market growth.

Photo Credit: VPJayant