Socially Responsible Condom Company Spreads Safe Sex Message

Nothing like humor to spread a good, socially conscious message. This is the approach adopted by Sir Richard’s socially responsible condom company whose mission is to spread the safe sex message to where it is needed most.

“We believe safe sex is a basic human right. Only a fraction of the global demand for condoms is met each year. For every Sir Richard's condom bought, we donate one condom to a country in need. We appeal to discerning, responsible individuals who seek to align their purchases with the change they want to see in the world. Doing good never felt better”, Sir Richard’s says on its website.

According to Good magazine, the company has launched a new marketing offensive in the shape of a 1971 Volkswagen “condom bus”. The retro vehicle is a sweet plaid number called Lucy and she’ll be doing a tour of college campuses around the West Coast of the United States. She won’t go un-noticed, that’s for sure.

Sir Richard’s main socially responsible component  is that everytime a customer buys a condom, the company sends one to community organizations such as Partners in Health in Haiti. This way they address the condom shortage problem in the developing world, which is particularly useful in Haiti where HIV infection rates are amongst the highest in the world. At the end of 2009, 1.9% of the population in the country was living with HIV. Viral transmission there is overwhelmingly heterosexual.

Besides promoting health, the condoms are also manufactured according to principles of sustainability. They are vegan, which means they are free of the milk protein casein that conventional condoms have, a fact that would surprise many people who assume that condoms are purely plant-based since they are made of latex. The vegan label also means it’s coming from a company that does not test on animals, unlike many condom brands in the market.

Still according to Good, this fall Sir Richard is planning to launch an envoy program. The envoys will get out into the community to spread the safe message and “shift the cultural dialogue and attitudes around safe sex while helping raise awareness of the global shortage.”

The idea is to engage college students who are some of the most sexually active humans on the planet and to whom a safe sex message can be a real life saver. Envoys will be attending sex education events on campus and get the word out.

Image credit: Sir Richard's