Socially Responsible Initiative Aims to Broaden Educational Access to Technology

The Millennium@EDU Initiative was recently launched with one main mission: to bring together some of the world’s largest technology companies with local companies and other stakeholders. The goal is to provide at least another 15 million students around the world access to information, communications, and science technologies (ICSTs) for learning and education.

Supporters of the project subscribe to the UN’s Millenium Development Goals, which state that ICSTs must be successfully integrated into education systems to promote 21st century skills and prepare young generations for the new workplace and daily life.

The Millenium@EDU Foundation was designed as a way to ignite and accelerate the integration proposed by the UN. It will be responsible for the global development and implementation of national, regional and local projects that promote educational transformation, internet connectivity and socio-economic improvement.

To make it happen, Millennium@EDU will offer a comprehensive “Millennium@EDU Solution Pack”, to enable access to information, communication, and scientific technologies for every student and teacher in the program.

With strong support from the industry, the Solution Packs will be made available by local OEMs at an affordable price, with the intention of stimulating significant projects in countries around the world. The pack includes portable computers, software suite, scientific sensors, interactive white board, school server and learning management system.

One of the largest technology companies supporting the project is Intel. The company said in a recent statement that the project’s objectives aligns with its own longstanding commitment to education, including technology solutions, teacher training and education programs.

Other companies supporting the project include Bibright, Caixa Magica, Critical Links, ECS, e-xample, Inforlandia, JP - Inspiring Knowledge, Leya, McAfee, Microsoft Corp, One Global Economy, Orange ITS, PASCO scientific, SanDisk, Triple C, Videonet and Vye Pakistan & UK.

Image credit: Millenium@Edu