Solving Two Crises with a Single Platform

<p>After global warming, what is the greatest crisis threatening the industrialized world? Deforestation? Nuclear proliferation? Terrorism? Nay, those are all pressing and nearly intractable issues but at the top of the list is municipal infrastructure. In North America alone, local, regional and national governments need to spend well in excess of $500 billion just to keep up with rough roads, crumbling bridges and dilapidated water treatment systems.<br /> <br /> That&rsquo;s a whole lot of money but even if the funds were allocated, they likely would fall short because demands on basic services only continue to grow as populations expand and as the ranks of environmental refugees swell and spill into new areas.<br /> <br /> Enter the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway, the world&rsquo;s first <a href="">solar-... high-speed rail system!</a>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Far more than a source of clean transportation, though, the Interstate Traveler represents an entirely new paradigm in the way we move people, automobiles, freight, water, digital data and a host of other commodities quickly and safely from place to place. The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway operates atop an award-winning revolution in magnetic levitation (MagLev) locomotion but solves many challenges in the area of municipal infrastructure at the same time.<br /> <br /> It can clean up toxic waste dumps, often referred to as Superfund sites in Yankee parlance. It can desalinate water without causing salinity shifts in our oceans. It can provide reliable back-up power to cities during states of emergency. It can bring water to the desert and mobile trauma centers to any location along the rail corridor. The list goes on, too.<br /> <br /> Based in Michigan, Justin Sutton is the inventor of the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway and founder of the Interstate Traveler Company. He is the recipient of the prestigious Sir Isaac Newton Award from the American Computer Science Association and he has big plans for the how his technology can save lives, create thousands of jobs, alleviate human suffering, reduce highway fatalities, facilitate a revolution in personal mobility, unclog trucking lanes, stabilize energy supplies and reduce the world&rsquo;s production of greenhouse gas emissions.<br /> <br /> As a partner in the Interstate Traveler Company, I have rare access to Justin Sutton&rsquo;s calendar and he was kind enough to grant me a wide-ranging telephone interview regarding his vision. I encourage you to <a href=" in</a> and feel the magic of this Renaissance man.<br /> <br /> In my next post, I will provide you with the follow-up in which Justin and I discuss the Triage Traveler &ndash; a truly inspiring component of his invention &ndash; a mobile trauma center which brings disaster specialists (including biochemists, radiologists and surgeons) to disaster victims no matter where they may be.</p>
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