Sticking to Meatless Mondays for Health

Health experts believe that risks related to curable chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular problems can be reduced by avoiding meat products once every week. For people like me who consume meat in their daily diet, it might be a difficult task to follow. However, one can’t deny that fact that one meatless day followed by millions of people across the world can help save essential resources like fossil fuel and fresh water. Sticking to fresh and healthy vegetables instead of meat can have several benefits.

Did you know that approximately one-fifth of greenhouse gas emission caused by human activities is generated from the meat industry? Even more than the pollution caused by vehicles, emission from the meat industry is causing serious issues. With the annual demand for meat products rising all over the world, the situation may worsen in the coming years. In order to make consumers aware of the benefits to skip meat consumption for a day, an international campaign named, Meatless Mondays have been started. It encourages consumers, especially meat lovers to not have meat on Mondays so that they enjoy the benefits of healthy vegetarian food and also protect the environment.

But why choose Mondays? This day marks the beginning of the week when people move back to work. According to various studies it has been proved that behaviors adopted on Mondays are more likely to be maintained throughout the week. So, if one Monday passes without meat, it will be easy to follow the same in the coming weeks. We Americans consume almost 8 ounces of meat in a day, therefore if we take a small step and replace it with green vegetables one day per week, we will remain healthy and also support environmental sustainability.

The effects of global warming and rising carbon footprint are not hidden from us. Temperature is rising, habitats are getting destructed and mankind is one the verge of extinction if the current climate change hazards continue to cause more damage. The choices we are making at present may be affecting some family in Africa but very soon we will also bear the brunt of it directly. So why not follow initiatives like ‘meatless Mondays’ that are within our capacity and create a better future for our coming generations?