Sustainability Scorecard Enables Companies to Measure Triple-Bottom Line

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Sustainability drives innovation and value creation. But companies need better data to make sense of complexity and link sustainability with business performance. Every employee, team, department and business should know what they have done this week, month, quarter or year towards aligning strategy with sustainability.

PM2 Consulting, a company working in the area of performance measurement, has introduced the Sustainability Scorecard that is designed to help organizations prioritize ESG factors and allow employees and top management to continually navigate and track their journey toward sustainability success.

Sustainability Scorecard integrates best practices in Strategy Execution, Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Risk, and Sustainability. The Scorecard only takes a few days to build from what an organization already has: existing business strategy, plentiful data, existing sustainability frameworks, and available expertise.

All the common frameworks seem to only look at two of the triple-bottom lines – society and environment – but ignore the metrics of economic success. The Sustainability Scorecard is the first truly triple-bottom line monthly scorecard. It combines best practices in measuring an organization’s strategic performance with best practices in measuring sustainability.

The distinguishing element of the Scorecard is that it can incorporate any framework (such as UN-SDG, GRI, SASB, IR, Future-Fit, B-Corp, and FFBB), work in any industry, and takes sustainability up to the Board and down to the individual – and everything in between.

The customizable Sustainability Scorecard cross-references each metric to the most popular frameworks. This helps ensure that all stakeholders, and newcomers, can see the company’s sustainability performance through the framework of their choice.

Source and Image: PM2 Consulting