Sustainable Coffee Brings Flavor to Sustainable Travel

Need a jolt of energy in your sustainable travel plans? Why not plan to stop at a sustainable coffee shop wherever your travel takes you? Sustainable coffee farms are becoming more popular and profitable here in the US as well as abroad. Sustainable coffee farming seeks to give as much back to the environment as the environment has given us through the gift of the coffee bean. Sustainable coffee farming treats the land and its workers with utmost respect. Instead of being paid the low rates often paid to farm staff workers, sustainable coffee farming pays its workers competitive wages. Sustainable coffee farming also involves more environmentally conscious production techniques. One of the many differences in coffee production can be seen in the way coffee husks are used. Conventional coffee farming cuts down eucalyptus trees after coffee husks have been used and discarded. Sustainable coffee farming requires old coffee husks to be used as a heating fuel. Such measures allow for quite an environmentally friendly cup of coffee during your sustainable travel.

Coffee shops around the world are increasing the demand for sustainable coffee farming. Support their efforts to preserve nature by stopping by a sustainable coffee shop. Honduras Coffee Company is brewing coffee from sustainable coffee farming known as, “Best coffee this side of the equator.” Mingle with the locals and enjoy their splendid menu of coffee creations, all brewed from coffee beans grown without the use of harmful pesticides. If you find yourself longing for their delicious coffee drinks once you return home, they have a very well- maintained online store where you can have your favorite selections shipped to your doorstep.

The Rogers Family Coffee Company is in the business of providing sustainably produced coffee products around the country. Their coffee products can be found in familiar grocery chains such as Albertson’s and Costco. While this is to be admired, the Rogers Family Coffee Company also supports other sustainable coffee farming efforts around the world. Consider taking a tour at the Salva Negra coffee farm in Nicaragua. The Rogers Family Coffee Company supports Salva Negra’s efforts to educate tourists and coffee enthusiasts on the importance of sustainable coffee farming. Schedule your tour today.

Seattle, Washington, is known for its efforts to promote sustainable living. Sustainable travel is easily achieved when you visit Poverty Bay Coffee Co. Don’t be dissuaded by the company name. Poverty Bay Coffee Co. combats poverty of all forms by exceeding the standards for both its workers and the environment. Visit the Poverty Bay Coffee Café to enjoy a cup of coffee along with one of their delicious meal choices.

The number of ways to enjoy coffee during sustainable travel is limitless. By supporting companies striving to make sustainable coffee farming the new standard, you are doing your part to sustain our environment.

Photo Credit: TheGiantVermin