Sustainable Food for Prince Edward Islanders

Is it so difficult to change the way we all think about food? Wouldn’t it be great if the food choices we make are healthy for us and at the same time beneficial for communities and environment?  If health experts are to be believed, millions of consumers across the world have started thinking about where and how the food items they consume are being produced. They are getting aware of the potential damage being caused by the rise in demands of exotic, out of season produce. According to a survey, people living on Prince Edwards Island have also joined the sustainable food bandwagon and are willing to pay more for buying seasonal locally produced food.

Lorraine MacKinnon, a graduate from the University of Guelph conducted a study on how the P.E.I (Prince Edward Island) farmers were perceived by the islanders and it was concluded that more than 90% of islanders are interested in buying locally grown food in the wake of supporting the rights of local farmers and causing less destruction to the environment. This study also showed that as compared to 53% Canadians supporting the provision of income to farmers, 65% of Prince Edward islanders were in support of providing general financial assistance to the local farmers. The fact that more than 90% residents on this island are ready to shell more for organic food, the hope to make the sustainable food movement popular across the world has also increased. It is a welcoming fact to know that people are becoming concerned about environmental issues, including the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals for farming. Residents on this island feel that it is essential to support sustainable agriculture methods and realize its importance as a major economic driver.

The present need for consumers across the world is to realize the fact that locally grown food is not only healthy but it also supports farmers and communities. Would you like to make wrong food choices and become the reason for local farmer families going hungry or floods and droughts taking place in different parts of the world?