Sustainable Food - From School Cafeterias to Investment Portfolios

The U.S.D.A. recently announced monetary assistance of 65 million dollars to help small farmers that use sustainable farming practices connect with the consumers. This move has laid suspicions of sustainable food supporters to rest who were uncertain about the government’s efforts to encourage local food consumption. A large amount from the fund will be directed through states for school lunch programs.

In the last few years, investors from all sectors have been encouraged to invest money into local and sustainable agriculture enterprises. More green venture capitalists are being sought to provide financial backing to the organic food growers, farmers markets, independent food merchants and restaurants that use organic produce for cooking meals. Let’s Be Frank food trailer is a San Francisco company that serves sausages and franks made from cows or pigs raised sustainably. This venture, offering sustainable food items is partly funded by venture capitalists that target clean water, food and energy businesses. There are many such small enterprises and local farmers markets that support the concept of sustainable food and require local investments in order to succeed.

The USDA fund is a part of “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” campaign under which farmers will receive help to market their produce at a fair price.  In a similar attempt, government of Ontario will be building an infrastructure that will help the development of the regional food economy. With the help of a regional system, the government plans to extend support to diversified farming methods and reduce carbon footprint. Earlier this year, 24 million dollar fund was announced for the development of logistics that will direct sustainably grown Ontario food in schools, companies and hospitals.

By attracting more investment towards sustainable food, organic farming, farmers markets and independent food entrepreneurs, strong local economies can be built. It will also contribute to the enhanced supply of healthy food items and a healthy environment.