Sustainable Travel Gets A Lot Sweeter with Sustainable Bakeries

Sometimes the idea of sustainable travel can become a bit mundane. Travel planes such as attending educational tours about sustainable living increase knowledge about the importance of sustainable living, but do little for your palette. Add some flavor to great intentions by stopping at one of these featured sustainable bakeries.

The first stop on our quest for the best sustainable baked goods is Flying Apron Bakery. This Seattle, Washington bakery produces vegan, gluten- free, and wheat- free baked goods, all from sustainably produced ingredients. In today’s calorie- obsessed society, nothing sets a food organization above the rest like nutrition facts. Flying Apron Bakery not only supplies its general nutrition facts online, but customers are invited to inquire about more specific nutritional needs. Since you’ll want to include Flying Apron Bakery in all of your sustainable travel plans, purchase a copy of the Bakery’s cookbook, Flying Apron’s Gluten- Free & Vegan Baking, for $21.95.

The state of Texas is usually the last place one would think to implement their sustainable travel plans. After all, Texas is known for its rolling plains, love of beef, and large, diesel- fueled trucks. However, a sustainable bakery and restaurant movement is alive and well. One of the best sustainable bakeries, Spiral Diner & Bakery, can be found in Dallas and Fort Worth. This award-winning local favorite is a welcomed diversion from unhealthy, unsustainably produced restaurants in the region. Their baked goods range from cookies to cupcakes, to scrumptious strawberry milk shakes.  All items at Spiral Diner are fit for vegan diet but appeal to the taste buds of any diet. A visit to the Spiral Diner is sure to be your tastiest sustainable travel experience yet.

If your travel plans take you to New York City, make sure to stop by Birdbath, Neighborhood Green Bakery. A quick visit to the environmentally conscious bakery will prove that their operation techniques exceed the expectations of sustainable production. The principles of sustainability are applied to every aspect of production for the bakery, down to the recycled paper cups for the cupcakes. Another reason Birdbath, Neighborhood Green Bakery is a standout is because the owners of the bakery realize that living in a sustainable community requires just that- community. After the New York City locations are listed, links to other green bakeries are supplied for webpage visitors. This sort of partnership is exactly what is needed to spread the goodness of sustainability throughout the community.

Sustainable travel is important for the sustainable living movement. By supporting bakeries that operate under the principles of sustainability, the importance of sustainability can spread and, eventually, become the new standard. I can’t think of a tastier way to help spread the word of sustainability.

Photo Credit: REL Waldman